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Modern Day Marketing and Advertising 0

Every modern businessman knows that in order to have a successful business career, you must have a good idea about the inner workings of marketing strategies and how to use them effectively. Marketing is essentially a collective process which aims at improving the relations between buyers and sellers thus creating an atmosphere of trust which is beneficial for both producers and consumers. The best way to accomplish this is through the effective and flawless use of communication methods. It is quite easier to accomplish that nowadays with the rapid growth of communications technology and its availability all over the world. The popularity of the internet allowed global communication to be rapid and easy to access. This has opened a great deal of opportunities for global marketing, specifically in the aspect of advertising.

The role of advertising

Often times the people are confused about the difference between marketing and advertising. This is practically understandable since both are pretty much intertwined. The difference is that advertising is merely a tool of marketing which in the grander scheme of things, involve other processes to function. Advertising however is the primary tool of marketing this is why the confusion between the two exists since advertising takes up a vital role in the marketing process. Advertising per se is the public announcement of a certain product or aspect of a product which may include function, price, changes, or is the main communication tool of marketing and it comes in different media forms. The evolution of global communication saw the more aggressive side of advertising as the electronic advertising media made radical changes to its scope and influence. A lot of innovative features and improvements in advertising evolved less than half a decade ago as the world became closer than ever because of technology. Before, advertising is all about broadcasts and pamphlets and flyers. Today it’s all about online advertising in popular websites.

Modern Advertising Strategies

Advertising is today is not only meant to inform but also to uniquely communicate with existing or potential customers or business investors. This is why marketing strategies deal a great deal of innovation and strategic moves in order to become competitive. Since we are no longer limited to the print and broadcast media, which are greatly restrictive in its entirety, advertising now plays with the senses of those who view or experience it and luring them with the experience in order to convey their message. The internet is now the playground of advertising innovations and new strategies to catch attention. Some advertising forms are even radical enough to border into the misleading while others are simply fun and quite effective. One particular example of advertising strategies in this modern era is the rise of viral videos. These videos are distributed freely and extensively in the internet. More often than not it contains radical and bold content in order to capture the general public with its initial view and insert the advertising in the middle or towards the end. This characterizes the general principle in modern day advertising. Everything needs to be quick and catchy in order to catch public attention.

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